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Saturday 19 January 2008

Ready to be Illuminated ?

A lot of things happening at the moment in IONA, Le Cayla, Cloudsmith and UNICEF, and more about these in due course, but this blog entry is about the Science Gallery.

I first wrote about my involvement with the Science Gallery almost a year ago, and now – at last!! – it is opening. The launch event is on the first week of February 2nd-9th next, and is all about the science and art of light, with techno-artists and punk scientists :-). If you are in Dublin that week, do come along – most of the events are free!

The full programme is a .pdf here but to give you a flavour of what’s happening:

· U2’s light show director Willie Williams

· The Sun in 3D

· Playing pong live on neighbouring urban buildings

· Live illumination of bumble bee flight paths

· Hand cranked luminescent jewellery

· Light tracing

· Ultrasound fusion – Camera Lucinda

There’s also informal meetings with creative individuals in events like the Open Mouse Night, Seed Dating, Show and Sell, etc. LightWave fun will also be on the streets of Dublin for the week – the Lightmobile VW Beetle; Laser bombing; the Bubbleheads on their 4 seater bike; 120 traffic cameras montaging on to the Irish Times building in Tara Street, and The Hive down in Grand Canal Square.

Have fun. The Science Gallery has been a fun project for me, and it’s great to get it open at last. I think it will change the public’s perception of science and technology.

PostScript: The Science Gallery now has a YouTube channel, and a short video of the opening night on 1st February last is here.

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